Capture Thousand Real Email & Phone Number from Facebook in few minutes!

We all know only the interest is’nt enough
In fact many fan or group pages that we can’t target
So do you want to break up the limit?

How does Getsmart work?
Just 3 Easy Steps!

1. Collect A Potential Consumers Database

Collect a Database of the Most Likely Consumers from Groups and Fanpages that are related to the product you want to promote or offer.

Getsmart Will Automatically Filter the Most Interest People who liked Shared and Commented in those groups or Fanpages.


2. Creating a Custom Facebook Audience

Create a Custom Facebook Audience From Potential Targeted Consumers Database that you have collected Using Getsmart. To create a Facebook custom audience, go to the Audiences section of your Facebook Ads Manager. Then click “Create Audience” and select “Custom Audience” from the drop-down menu.

3. Uploading Your Database

Upload a Database from Getsmart to create a custom audience, then select the “Customer File” Facebook will match these contacts with Facebook users and create an audience based on those matches.


Getsmart features
Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!

Get smart fanspage comment

With this feature, you can find audience from fanpage based on followers who only comment on all posts on the fanspage. You can also scrape email from Facebook users

Get smart fanspage engagement

With this feature, you can find audience from fanpage based on followers who like, share and comment on all posts on the fanpage. You can also scrape email from Facebook users

Get smart groups

With this feature, you can find audience from public groups based on members who have a high level of interaction with that group. So passive members will not be scrape

Get smart joined groups

With this feature, you can find audience from closed groups after you join first and use your own tokens. *Not all closed groups can be converted into email / phone numbers based on Facebook TOS.

Get smart convert UID

If you have a UID Database, you can use the “Convert UID to email & phone number” feature to convert UID to email or phone number.

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Boost your sales!


One Time Payment
RM 1980 Lifetime Usage
  • Scrape from Fans page (All Engagement)
  • Scrape from Fans page (Comment Only)
  • Scrape from Public Group
  • Scrape from Facebook User
  • Scrape from Joined Group
  • Convert UID to Email
Best Offer

Total Bonus: RM120

Want to get more bonuses? Don’t worry, we give you a special bonus, Exceltovcard (RM 120)


Most frequent questions and answers

Getsmart is desktop-based software that can be installed on Windows who can scrape emails, phone numbers, locations and genders from Facebook Groups or Fanspages.

Getsmart Works Using FB API to Collect Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, Locations, And Genders into an Audience Database in just a few fast and Easy Steps. By Using Advanced Filtering, the Database that is collected is based on interactions from likes, shares, and Comments. So the databases are very targeted to the people who have higher interaction and interest in specific niches on Facebook groups and Fanpages.

You only need to Install Getsmart on Windows, then get token from Facebook. Once signed in, you can freely use adsender to get The Most likely potential Consumers Database from Facebook.

Each Getsmart license is only applicable for one PC. Enquire with our sales team for bundle purchase.

Currently Getsmart is only available for Windows, MAC users can use Parallel Windows

Getsmart now comes with faster speed by downloading and extract in the same time.

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What Will You Do with Getsmart?

Sell your own products or services using FB Ads or Mail Marketing or SMS/Whatsapp Marketing

Promote Affiliate or Dropship products in any niche of business

Send special ads including discounts, coupons, call-to-actions, external links & more!

Easy way to find Profitable Niche Groups on Facebook

Brand awareness & brand perception

Scrape your competitor Fanpage or Group who was busy like and comment


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